2022 NEO JAM - Spring

By Lake County Off Road (other events)

Saturday, May 21 2022 7:30 AM 8:00 PM EST

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General Event Summary 

This is a public event, however there are a limited number of tickets available.

ALL tickets are sold online only, there are no ticket sales at the gate during the event.

Jeeps/4x4s, ATV's, Side-by-Sides(SxS), Motorcycles all have access to over 200+ private acres of wooded trails, water crossings, hill climbs and other obstacles. A family friendly event for the beginning to intermediate skill level off roader however all skill levels will find a fun filled weekend playing on the trails and camping with friends.


  • Jeep/Full size 4x4s/Motorcycle/ATV/UTV/SxS/ will all have special access to the motocross track located in the trails. 
  • ATV’s/UTV/SxS and Motorcycles ONLY will have access to the TT race track 
    • Absolutely no jeeps or full size vehicles permitted on the TT-Track
  • "VIP playtime" for kids only from 12:00 until 1:00 on the big race track(TT-track) 
    • Kids 10 and under only please
  • RAFFLE sponsor donated packages, be sure to bring plenty of $1 bills for tickets.
  • On Site food vendor
  • Primative restrooms - (4) Porta-pottys will be distributed throughout the campground, no running water



Gate and General Admission Information


  • Only 300 combined vehicle tickets (Jeeps/ATVs/Cycles) are available for this event, 
  • Passenger and spectator tickets may be purchased ONLINE ONLY until 3:00PM on Saturday or until we reach capacity
  • Camping check-in begins Friday @ 6:00PM until 8:30PM 
  • NO FRIDAY TRAIL RIDING OR WHEELING to allow staff to finish event set-up
  • FRONT GATE re-opens at 7:30AM on Saturday and closes at 3:00PM
    • No new arrivals permitted after 3:00PM 

Event staff and recovery/rescue crew members monitor and use Channel 17 on FRS/GMRS walkie talkies


First time event participants

First timers there is a breif driver/rider meeting Saturday morning @ 8:30AM prior to hitting the trails where we will brief everyone on trail conditions, orient the first timers and provide any last minute trail closures or changes in safety policies and rules.

  • A short guided trail ride can be made available for any ATVs or Jeep/Full size 4x4s following this meeting at roughly 8:45AM, ask the meeting presenter after the meeting
    • First timers If you have a FRS/GMRS walkie talkie please bring it



So everyone has a great off roading experience there are only a total of 250 vehicle tickets available. 

  • Passenger and spectator tickets may be purchased ONLINE ONLY until 3:00PM on Saturday or until we reach capacity
  • Kids 10 and under ride for free however liability waivers and parent or legal guardian must be present at check in
    • ABSOLUTLY NO EXCEPTIONS - This means NO Pre-Signing of minor waivers is permitted or will be accepted



When arriving to the event ALL Riders/Drivers/Guest/Sponsors/Exhibitors and participants will be directed to the pavillion where a staff member will check ID's and process their admission collecting the necessary liability waiver signatures. Please allow for at least 10 minutes to process your entry, get your wristbands and event sticker when you arrive 

Please have your printed tickets, or electronic copies of your tickets, including those for children and camping along with a Drivers license or State issued ID ready when you reach the check-in tables. 

** This is a rain or shine event - NO REFUNDS will be issued for any reason **



Trails open Saturday morning at 7:30AM and close Saturday at dusk. 
Trails will re-open Sunday morning at 8:00AM and close at 11:00AM so event clean-up can begin. 
TAKE SPECIAL NOTE only those camping may ride on Sunday



  • Check-In starts Friday Night @ 6:00PM and ends at 8:30PM
    • Check in for campers will resume on Saturday morning
      • Camping is primitive - sites do not have electricity and no water is available
      • (4) Porta-pottys distributed throughout the campground, no running water
      • Camp sites are on a first come basis
      • Campers select their own camp site from those that remain available after check-in
      • To help us accomodate as many campsites as possible please only
        (1) tow vehicle with trailer and (1) camper or (2) tents per campsite
      • Additional tow vehicle parking available on request at no additional charge 
      • Small fires are permitted, bring your own wood
      • No generators after 10PM or before 6AM

  • EACH person camping MUST purchase a Camping Pass
    • Campers will be issued a separate wrist band and a vehicle dash board pass at check-in
    • Kids 10 and under FREE

On Site Food Service

We ask all event guests and participants to help us continue to keep high quality food service
coming to NEO JAM by supporting our food vendors and purchasing your meals from these
wonderful folks who will be cooking all weekend just for us.

Consider grabbing lunch and maybe a snack later in the day as you check out the raffle items and
other sponsor exhibits.




To accomodate a safe experience for all participants please read the below carefully

Bring plenty of glow sticks, bracelets, Christmas lights or anything else that lights up or glows and decorate your Jeep, ATV, SidebySide, motorcycle, campsite, passengers, Dogs and of course the kiddies before we depart on this years night ride. Help us make the trails light-up and glow.  

We've seen some crazy glow in the night creations and some wildly lit up Jeeps and ATV's and riders
How creative are you?   Can you out do them?

Night Ride Rules and Details

To help insure the safety of guests, the trail guides and recovery crew patrol and lead the night ride and the event is a follow the leader activitiy ALL participants must ride together NO EXCEPTIONS

  • !! Additional Ticket purchase required !!

  • Jeep/Trucks ... tickets are per vehicle, not per person

  • !! Tickets sold ONLINE ONLY and will NOT be sold at the gate !!

  • !! ONLY 50 vehicle tickets TOTAL will be sold !!
  • ATV/SxS/Cycle and Jeeps will depart in separate groups
  • ALL VEHICLES participating MUST STAY IN A SINGLE FILE LINE and with their group at ALL TIMES

  • It should go with out saying however as a reminder .......

  • ALL vehicles participating in the night ride MUST HAVE at least one fully functioning headlight and tailight. There will be a vehicle inspection prior to departure NO EXCEPTIONS will be given if your vehicle is unsafe and does not have a functioning headlight and taillight

  • Unacompanied children are not permitted on the night ride - You or an authorized guardian must be present and ride along with your child(ren) on the night ride.

  • As a reminder during the night ride ANYONE found leaving the group, heading off into the darkness to make thier own trails or otherwise being unsafe and risking staff or other guests safety will be immediately ejected from the event and NOT JUST the Night Ride. It is not OK for our staff to have to leave other guests and risk their safety to run you down in the dark. Consider this your one warning as no additional warnings will be issued.

  • For the safety of all, anyone suspected of being intoxicated and driving on the trails or driving in the campground staff members have made special arranagements with the Ashtabula County Sheriff who will enforce Ohio's OVI state law.

Following the night ride keep on glowing and grab your favorite adult beverages, ride or walk on up to join us near the registration building in the campground for some after hours socializing with fellow off roaders



  • All vehicles/drivers must carry the Ohio State required liability insurance
  • RECOVERY/TOW POINTS - All FULL SIZE vehicles must be equipped with proper tow points FRONT & REAR. Depending on trail conditions vehicles without any tow points may be refused access to the trails. NOTE: A hitch is a tow point, a bumper without a recovery point is not.
  • TIRES - All full size vehicles must be equipped with at least all terrain tires. Depending on trail conditions vehicles with out the appropriate tires may be refused access to the trails
  • EXHAUST - All vehicles MUST have a fully functional properly installed exhaust as to not poison the vehicle passenger cabin
  • What if I get stuck? LCOR staff will be patrolling and will render recovery aid, however as is customary and required ALL participants must connect their own recovery lines to their own vehicles - NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • Staff, recovery/rescue crew and other attendees are not responsible for any vehicle damage or injuries caused due to improperly connected recovery lines or failures of improperly kept or defective recovery gear. 
  • The recovery/rescue crew is a volunteer group that is only present to assist guests in getting their vehicle back onto the trail if possible. If your vehicle becomes otherwise disabled and no longer driveable it is your responsibility to arrange for a professional recovery/tow service to come to your aid.
  • IMPORTANT SPECIAL NOTE IF YOU GET STUCK: Any vehicle stuck and requiring recovery assistance after sunset will be evaluated buy the recovery/rescue crew. After the crews assessment and only if safe to do so a recovery attempt will be made. Recoveries must be completed prior to the start of the night ride. If the night ride is beginning or it is deemed to dark to safely recover the vehicle you will need to leave the vehicle where it is. Lock the doors, and the recovery crew will provide a ride back to camp, but don't worry if we couldn't get it out, the vehicle is not going anywhere and will be exactly where you leave it.
    At sunrise recovery efforts will resume - This is a no exceptions policy.



  • Helmets & Eye Protection required for ALL riders and passenger (for vechicles certified to carry passengers)
  • ATV drivers, Unless your vehicle was manufactured and sold as a 2 person machine this event does not permit 2-Up riding, what's 2-Up riding? That's 2 people riding on a machine. The adding of a rear seat rest to an ATV does not make the machine 2 person capable. Check the manufacturers website or your ATVs left front fender for the manufacturers safety decals to guide you.
  • All those under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times and are only
    permitted to operate an ATV/Cycle/SxS while Parent or Legal Guardian is present

  • All those under 18 must ride only properly sized ATV's and Cycles - Review and follow the vehicle 
    manufacturers guidelines for specific recommendations however the following should be used and
    is the general and commonly known sizing guide:  

    Under 6 years of age..........Riding any size machine not recommended
    Age 6-11.............................Under 70cc
    Age 12-15...........................70-90cc
    16 years and older..............Over 90cc

** This is a rain or shine event - NO REFUNDS will be issued for any reason **



All Riders, Drivers, Vendors, Sponsors, Exhibitors and Spectators agree to the following:

* Valid drivers license or proper state ID required to be shown at check in
* ALL Full size Jeep/4x4's are required to have the state mandated minimum vehicle liability
insurance. This is required and will be verified at check in. Participating vehicles will not be
permitted on the trails with out insurance and a valid drivers license.
* All those under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times and are only permitted to
operate an ATV/Cycle/SxS while Parent or Legal Guardian is present
* All those under 18 must ride only properly sized ATV's and Cycles - Review and follow the vehicle 
manufacturers guidelines for specific recommendations however the following should be used and is
the general and commonly known sizing guide:  

Under 6 years of age..........Riding any size machine not recommended
Age 6-11.............................Under 70cc
Age 12-15...........................70-90cc
16 years and older..............Over 90cc

* Seat Belts must be worn by all drivers at all times while on the trail and in the park.
* The Speed limit for all vehicles while in the campground is limited to the posted limit or 10 mph
* Helmet & Eye Protection is required for all riders all ages all locations including the trails, TT
track, MX track and in the park while operating an ATV or Motorcycle.
* ALL RIDERS - Must follow their vehicle manufacturer's safety requirements regarding passengers. Absolutely no 2-up (ie; passengers) on any single rider machine.
* Obey all signs, gates, and barriers.
* Stay on marked trails.
* No Alcoholic beverages
* No Firearms or Fireworks permitted
* Stop and obey ALL staff member direction when given
* No Reckless operation of any vehicle
* NO littering or leaving of garbage, all garbage should be placed in the designated area within
the campground or taken home with you.
* NO Fighting, arguing, intimidation or violence of any type
* Trails and tracks are only open from sunrise to sunset with the exception of the special guided
night ride

** This is a family friendly event - If you can not respect the rules please don't attend.

Failure to comply with ANY of the above can and will result in your immediate removal from the trails and possibly the event.